Rotary Park

Rotary Park is located just north of downtown and east of Centre Street.

It is really neat to be able to enjoy a park so close to the city. Just another reason why dogs love Calgary!

The park measures 5.9 hectares in size. This off leash area offers a beautiful mixture of park activities.

While dogs are permitted off leash in most areas, there is a playground for small children where dogs are not permitted. You will also find tennis courts near the playground.

On the main level the terrain is quite flat, however for those who would like to enjoy the exercise there is a long staircase from the park leading to Centre street.

The staircase is nicely situated just off of Jim Fish Ridge vantage point. This viewing area was named after Jim Fish, a well known park enthusiast.

There are some wonderful views of downtown from almost any area in the park.

There are a few "doggie" bins located throughout the park. Everything is here to help make your visit to the Park enjoyable.

As well you can find benches to enjoy the view and a few picnic tables to stop and have lunch.

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