Panorama Hills

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Panorama Hills

Panorama Hills is a community in the North West quadrant of the city of Calgary.

Development of the neighbourhood started in the mid 1990's. It consists of single family homes, condos, and town homes.

Panorama Hills

Lots of green spaces, parks, bike paths with beautiful panoramic views of the city.

This neighbourhood is where the Captain Nichola Goddard school is located. The school was built in her honour. Captain Goddard was the first Canadian female combat death.

Panorama Hills

The community is well situated just south of Stoney Trail, which provides easy access to man areas in the city.

The neighbour across from Stoney Trail is Evanston, while South of the community is Country Hills. Hidden Valley is to the west, while Coventry Hills is east of the community.

Panorama Hills

Located just off of Country Hills Boulevard NW, providing residents with ample opportunities for shopping.

Panorama Hills

There is shopping within the community along this stretch of road, but even more shopping on this Boulevard towards Coventry Hills.

Access to downtown either via Stoney Trail or Beddington Trail.

Panorama Hills

Excellent bus service in the area which provides residents with quick access to downtown.

Schools can be found in the neighbourhood, as well as surrounding communities.

Panorama Hills


Calgary Board of Education

K-3 Panorama Hills
1057 Panorama Drive NW (in the community)

K-3 Alex Munro
427 - 78th Avenue NE (Huntington Hills)

4-9 Captain Nichola Goddard
405 Panatella Blvd. NW (in the community)

John G. Diefenbaker
6620 - 4th Street NW. (Huntington Hills)

Calgary Catholic School District

K-6 St. Jerome
11616 Panorama Hills Blvd. NW (in the community)

K-6 St. Pius X
2312 - 18th St. NW (Capitol Hill)

K-9 St. Elizabeth Seton
10845 Hidden Valley Drive NW (Hidden Valley)

7-9 Madeleine d'Houet
108 - 22nd Street NW (West Hillhurst)

Senior High Note Dame
11900 Country Village Link NE (Coventry Hills)

Hospital: Foothills - 29th Street NW, just south of 16th Avenue

Vehicle Travel time to Downtown: 23 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Airport: 14 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Banff: 1 hour and 29 minutes

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42 out of 100

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Panorama Hills

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