McHugh Bluff

McHugh Bluff is a pathway that runs on the north side of the Bow River.

The Bluff is named after Felix Alexander McHugh (1851 - 1912) an early Calgary business man and Rancher.

The pathway runs along Crescent Road N.W. in between 10th Street and Centre Street in the community of Crescent Heights. The area spans over a space of 27 hectares.

There are long, winding trails that run down the side of the bluff. There is a staircase, and at the top is a platform where the view of the city and river are incredible.

In fact all along the upper pathway the views are breathtaking. There are many benches along the pathway to allow you to rest and enjoy the views. 

The terrain is uneven at the top of the pathway and obviously hilly should you decide to descend the bluff.

Also nice to see quite a few "Doggie" bins along the route.

The pathway is mainly used by joggers who enjoy the challenge of the hills.

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