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Martindale  is a community in the North East quadrant of Calgary, development of this community was from spanned from the 1980's into the 1990's.

Martindale, Calgary

The community is located just north of 64th Avenue NE,  just east of 36th Street/Metis Trail.

It is conveniently located near commercial and industrial areas and has great parks and playgrounds.

The LRT (Light Rail Transit) can be found in the heart of the community.

LRT, Calgary

The Peter Lougheed Hospital is on the west side of 36th street NE, a little south of the community.

Sunridge Mall is located south of the community a short distance away on 36th Street, just west of the community of Rundle.

Downtown is conveniently accessed via Metis Trail to McKnight then either Barlow Trail or Deerfoot Trail NE.

Martindale, Calgary

Schools an be found in the community and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Martindale Schools:

Calgary Board of Education:

K-6  Annie Foote School
6320 Temple Drive NE           

(Temple)K-6   Grant MacEwan School                         180 Falshire Drive NE              (Falconridge)

K-9   Crossing Park School                                        500 Martindale Blvd. NE           (in the community)

Junior High   Terry Fox School  
13 Falshire Drive NE                 (Falconridge)

Senior High    James Fowler                                      4004 - 4th Street NW               (Highland Park)

Calgary Catholic School District:

For homes south of Martindale Blvd. NE

Elementary  St. John Paul II                              119 Castleridge Drive NE           (In the community)

Junior High    St. John XXIII                           1420 Falconridge Drive. NE          (Falconridge)

Senior High Bishop McNally
5700 Falconridge Boulevard NE     (Falconridge)

For homes North of Martindale Blvd. NE
Elementary  Our Lady of Fatima                      6320 Taralea Park NE                     (Taradale)

Junior High     Father Scollen                            6839 Temple Drive NE                    (Temple)

Senior High Bishop McNally
5700 Falconridge Boulevard NE     (Falconridge)

Hospital: Peter Lougheed, on 36th Street NE at 26th Avenue NE

Vehicle Travel time to Downtown: 27 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Airport: 20 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Banff  -  1 hour 20 minutes

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