Heritage Park

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is an historical park and is the largest of it's kind in Canada.
It is located in the South West area of Calgary, on Heritage Drive, west of 14th Street and South of the Rockyview Hospital.

There is regular bus service from the LRT (Light Rail Transit) station located on Heritage Drive, just west of MacLeod Trail in the community of Haysboro.

Heritage Park

There is an Alberta " village" that has been re-created from the late 18th century into the early 19th century. Most of the buildings are original from this era which have been relocated to this "village". The furniture and fixtures in these buildings are also from this time period.

Heritage Park

As you walk through the "village" you can see a post office, a bank, a hotel, a NWMP (North West Mounted Police Station), a bakery, candy shop and more.

Visiting the homes in this "village" is also a truly amazing experience.

All the people who work, or volunteer, here dress the part as well, the costumes also help to create the feeling of actually having gone back in time.

Heritage Park

Many families choose to purchase an annual pass, and why not, with so much to see, it is hard to take it all in with just one visit.

Gasoline Alley Museum can be found at the park, where you can find many antique vehicles and more. Without a doubt you could spend a whole day just enjoying this amazing display.

Heritage Park

Many visitors enjoy a ride on the antique steam engine or passenger boat. Both these old world modes of transportation allow you to enjoy the breathtaking beauty that this park has too offer.

Views of the Glenmore Reservoir and some of the natural beauty is shown off during travel on the boat or steam engine.

Horse drawn carriage is another mode of transportation that allows Park enthusiasts to enjoy the surroundings as well as the "village"

Heritage Park

Farm animals can be enjoyed by all members of the family regardless of age.

The antique midway is always a source of enjoyment for many who attend the park.

There are many shop and restaurants for your enjoyment.

There are also so many different and exciting events happening, that draw the young and old alike.

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