Eau Claire

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Eau Claire

Eau Claire is a community in the South West quadrant of the city of Calgary.

It is adjacent to the downtown and bounded by Prince's Island Park and the Bow River.

Eau Claire

The name came from the fact that in earlier history of the city, the Eau Claire Lumber Company, was situated on the land where today, we have a vibrant community.

Eau Claire

There are condo's and lots of restaurants and shopping and hotels in the district.

Here you will find both the Market as well as the Barclay Mall.

Peace Bridge

Prince's Island Park is developed on an island on the Bow River and was named after Peter Prince, who was an integral part of the Lumber Mill.

Eau Claire

The park is a beautiful oasis within a few minutes walk to the downtown core. In the summer there are many outdoor festivals that are enjoyed by all who attend.

Eau Claire

Obviously, lots of green spaces being adjacent to Prince's Island Park, beautiful views of Bow River and of course the downtown skyline.

Easy access to public transit, as it is virtually on the edge of downtown.

Eau Claire


Calgary Board of Education:

K-6 Connaught
1121 - 12th Avenue SW Connaught)

Junior High - Mount Royal
2234 - 14th Street SW ( Mount Royal)

Senior High - Western Canada
641 - 17th Avenue SW (Mount Royal)

Calgary Catholic School District:

K-6. Holy Name
3011 - 35th. Street SW (Killarney)

K-9 St. Michael
4511-8th. Avenue SW (Glendale)

K-6 Sacred Heart
1312 - 15th Street SW (Scarboro)

K-9 St. Monica
235 - 18th Avenue SW (Downtown/Connaught)

Senior High St. Mary's
111 - 18th Avenue SW (Downtown/Mission)

Hospital: Rockyview: 14th Street, south of Glenmore Trail SW

Vehicle Travel time to Downtown: 2 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Airport: 19 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Banff: 1 hour and 29 minutes

This community rated:

93 out of 100

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Eau Claire

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