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Downtown Calgary

The Downtown area is in the South West Quadrant of the city of Calgary.

The city was founded in this area, where the Bow River and Elbow River meet.

This is where most Oil and Gas companies have their head office. In the past few decades, the downtown core has also welcomed many more, and now Calgary is home to the second largest amount of Head Offices in Canada.

Downtown Calgary

The rivers are in close proximity and there are plenty of pathways for cyclist and joggers alike to enjoy along the river banks.

Downtown Calgary

The streets and avenues are numbered in the downtown core, which makes it easy for visitors and forgetful residents to find their way around.

Downtown Calgary

The streets run in a north/south direction while the avenues run in a east/west direction. Many of the streets and avenues are one way to help with the flow of traffic.

Calgary Public Library

The C-train, Calgary's Light Rail Transit system runs along 7th Avenue, which is closed to all traffic other than city vehicles including buses.

Downtown Calgary

In this area, there is no fee for taking the C-Train. This helps relieve traffic congestion, especially during the lunch hour when office workers are going out to meet one another at a local restaurant or for shopping.

Downtown Calgary

Many world renowned restaurants are found here. There are also plenty of hotels to house guests to the city.

Downtown Calgary

Shopping is first class whether at the smaller unique shops or the larger stores in the "Core" shopping centre. The "Core" is where the well known Devonian Gardens can be found.

Downtown Calgary

Shopping can be found all along Stephen Avenue (8th Avenue SW), where many people can be found strolling along during the lunch hour, enjoying the shops, restaurants and pubs that this area has to offer, as throughout this stretch of 8th Avenue SW it is pedestrian traffic only.

Downtown Calgary Pathway

Many of the buildings are connected by walkways that are elevated. These walkways are known as +15's, for obvious reasons.

Many use these walkways in both the winter and summer for protection against the elements and as a short cut to reach their destination.

Downtown Calgary

As with most cities, the downtown area is where you can find museums, the city hall and enjoy the performing arts.

Downtown Calgary

Without a doubt, one of the cleanest downtown centres in all of North America.

During Stampede, early July of each year, the core comes alive with the city's western heritage.

Downtown Calgary


Calgary Board of Education:

K-6 Connaught
1121 - 12th Avenue SW (Connaught)

Junior High - Mount Royal
2234 - 14th Street SW (Mount Royal)

Senior High - Western Canada
641 - 17th Avenue SW (Mount Royal)

Calgary Catholic School District:

K-6. Holy Name
3011 - 35th. Street SW (Killarney)

K-9 St. Michael
4511-8th. Avenue SW (Glendale)

K-6 Sacred Heart
1312 - 15th Street SW (Scarboro)

K-9 St. Monica
235 - 18th Avenue SW (Downtown/Connaught)

Senior High St. Mary's
111 - 18th Avenue SW (Downtown/Mission)

Hospital: Rockyview: 14th Street, south of Glenmore Trail SW

Vehicle Travel time to Downtown: 0 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Airport: 20 minutes

Vehicle Travel time to Banff: 1 hour and 27 minutes

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