Canada Olympic Park

Canada Olympic Park

Canada Olympic Park (COP) was home to the 1988 winter Olympics. Calgary was the first Canadian city to hold the winter olympics.

During these Olympics, COP was the designated area for ski jumping, luge, bobsleigh and more.

Canada Olympic Park

Fifty-seven countries and over one thousand four hundred athletes participated in these winter games.

The Jamaican Bobsled Team made its debut here, with much media attention. The games ran for 16 days and were considered a great success.

The facilities are still being used for training purposes by Olympians current and future.

In the summer, COP is used for warm-weather sports such as mountain biking (there are 25 km (16 mi) of bike trails) and is also the site of a number of summer festivals.

Canada Olympic Park

The park is home to a summer challenge course and zip line, you can also find a mini -putt, a gymnastic facility and more.

Many summer camps are available and enjoyed by thousands of children.

The public is able to put on a helmet and "fly" down the same bobsled track as the athletes did during the Olympic games!

In 2008, Calgary was chosen, among nine Canadian cities, to host Canada's sports hall of fame. The construction of the new facility was done on donated land by the former Calgary Olympic Development Association.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame building opened July 1, 2011. It offers 44,000 square feet of space dedicated to celebrating Canada’s sport history.

Thousands of Calgarians and tourists flock to enjoy all this park has to offer and within city limits.

COP is located on 16th Avenue NW (Highway 1) directly across from the community of Bowness.

There is an entrance to the south of the park in the neighbourhood of Cougar Ridge

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