Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede started in 1912. A gentleman by the name of Guy Weadick organized the first rodeo and festival in the city which became known as the Calgary Stampede.

Over a hundred years later and it is still going strong. World wide it is recognized as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".

"A Little Water"

In June 2013, Calgary experienced a severe flood that threatened to cancel the Stampede. In the history of the Calgary Stampede, it has never been cancelled, it survived world wars, recessions and the Great Depression.  

Calgary wasn't about to let "a little water" cancel the show.  Sure, some concerts and events had to be cancelled because of flood damage but the phrase "Come Hell or High Water" was adopted and the show went on.  To this day you can see people sporting their "Come Hell or High Water" T-Shirts.

Calgary Comes Together

Stampede 2014

Companies and communities sponsor free pancake breakfasts all over the city. Everywhere you go, people are dressed in Western clothing complete with cowboy hats and boots.

The Parade

The Stampede Parade is on the first Friday of the event. The Parade signifies the official start of the Stampede. 

Thousands of people line the downtown streets to catch a glimpse of the floats, horses, marching bands and more.

The Mayor and the council members take part in the Parade and often the Premier of the Province joins in. Each year a Parade Marshall is chosen and is kept secret until the event.

Once the Parade is over many people rush to the Stampede Grounds to start enjoying all that the Stampede has to offer.

Stampede Grounds

At the grounds, one can find many varied and exciting things to enjoy. Of course this is where one of the world's largest rodeos can be seen but, there are so many other things for everyone to partake in.

There are the stage shows, the concerts, chuck wagon races, agricultural competitions, First Nation Exhibitions, dog shows and much more.

Something For Everyone

Calgary Stampede

The midway is no stranger to introducing new and different foods, of course you can find pizza and hot dogs and ice cream, but you can also find new items each year such as a burger sandwiched in between two doughnuts. Lots and lots of fried food and more.

Each year the midway has something new and exciting to offer, be it the rides, zip lining, the games, the bars or the bingo tent. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Calgary Stampede

The shopping is incredible as well and is not limited to Western wear, many unique gifts and souvenirs can be purchased on the grounds, but also throughout the city.

The Stampede is organized by many individuals including hundreds of volunteers. Calgarians come together, be it government, corporations, individuals or communities to show case our Western Heritage.

Each year there are roughly one million visitors to the Stamped Grounds and each of the guests realize why the Calgary Stampede is  "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth."

Stampedes Past

Stampede 2014

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